Northern Song


A natural perfume to spray around you or in the room as ambiance perfume, or on yourself as personal Perfume for EMPOWERING and GROUNDING

Essential Oils Spray

Essential oils extracted from evergreen trees are traditionally known to purify the atmosphere, reinforce and support the immune system and the adrenal glands, relieve cold and flu congestions, and boost our energy in case of physical, nervous or mental fatigue.

Ingredients (Contains natural ingredients only, no chemical, synthetic or altered material): Water, Alcohol and Essential oils of:

  • Abies balsamea : (Balsam Fir – needles): Balsam fir essential oil balances the neuro-vegetative system, increases psycho-emotional strength, purifies and regenerates the subtle bodies, transmits energy, courage, optimism and joy, and boosts psychic vitality.
  • Abies sibirica: (Siberian Fir – needles): A symbol of hope, eternity and light, Siberian Fir streng¬thens the psyche, increases blood vitality and stimulates mental faculties, awareness and concentration.
  • Pinus sylvestris : (Scotch pine – needles): Linked to the heart chakra, it is an excellent tonic to keep you in shape and it stimulates your immune response. It also relieves depression, boosts vitality and promotes intellectual concentration.
  • Thuya occidentalis : (White cedar – leaves): This essential oil’s antiparasitic action is also reported to apply to subtle energies. It alleviates and frees low and heavy-laden vibrations.
  • Picea mariana : (Black spruce – needles): A general regenerator in case of fatigue, depression, burnout or apathy, this essential oil increases energy by stimulating the adrenals; it transmits strength, momentum and self-confidence and combats fears.
  • Cedrus atlantica : (Cedar – wood): Helps obtain the respect of others when affected by contempt or lack of consideration, and claim our true psychological needs.

Warning: This product contains alcohol. Do not spray towards the eyes. Do not use if you are allergic to any of the ingredients. Not recommended for children of less than 12 years of age.