Cellular Memory


Reminds each cell of it’s dharma (purpose) and unique contribution to the whole being.

  • Supports and enhances the innate intelligence of each cell to maintain balance and harmony to survive and to contribute to the survival of the whole.
  • Reminds each cell of its dharma (purpose) and unique contribution to the whole being.

PHYSICAL restores memory of cellular purpose

EMOTIONAL dispels discouragement

MENTAL inner peace and knowing that it’s all unfolding perfectly

SPIRITUAL embracing the divine

– grants us the gift of being “able to respond” to what is and to trust in the infinite wisdom of who we are and why we chose this particular incarnation.

– reconnects us with the time/space where the sperm and egg connected to give us this particular lifetime and fortifies free will to pursue our path and consciousness to understand and to accept or reaffirm our purpose.

– illuminates every cell and particle in our body/mind with the knowledge of our soul’s purpose in this incarnation.

Poison Hemlock
– moving along the path of life without getting paralyzed and stuck … accepting and embracing “what is”.

Silver Birch
– planting new seeds of energy and intention in order to fulfill our purpose.

In a nutshell:

  • Coaxing each atom to perform its function impeccably.
  • Supporting us to tap into our own unique divine plan.
  • Activating and enlivening our own unique DNA blueprint.