Ability to deal with shock and trauma. Expression of the light within.

  • love, purity, protection, communication
  • joy, laughter
  • inspiration, expression
  • communicator, wizard

PHYSICAL circulation, body temperature, toxicity

EMOTIONAL enthusiasm, passion, spontaneity

MENTAL equanimity, presence

SPIRITUAL consciousness

Harvest Lily
– for healthy relationships and cooperation among people
– unification of group energy
– promotes community

Hooker’s Onion
– sparks the fire of creativity and removes blocks to creative expression
– assist us to come from inspiration instead of memories

Nootka Rose
– it is in the experience of loving that we experience our highest potential
-releases and heals the heart from damage of trauma

Purple Magnolia
– nourishes sensuality and sexuality
– helps us to experience the fullness of all our senses in a good way, so that consciousness has – opportunity for maximum experience in the physical

Rose Quartz
– promotes love and compassion for self
– nourishes gentleness and vulnerability

– being in present time is like being an impeccable spritual warrior, a master martial artist
– being fully present allows us to use our Fire energy in wise and constructive ways

In a nutshell:

  • expression of consciousness
  • ability to deal with shock and trauma
  • connection with others
  • expression of the light within